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The Story

An excess of treats awaits you.

Sprawled across 4,000 hectares of mangrove forests and coastal estuaries with more than 30 km of waterfront, Jubail island will be home to 6 distinct village communities, with deliberately bespoke, breathtakingly picturesque residential areas and community facilities. (Arabic from Brochure)

Your journey into this sanctuary away from busy city life begins with a series of beautiful gateway experiences leading into a network of scenic drives, with views to the open water.

The Story

Stop at our bird sanctuary and watch the flamingoes gather on the beach. Take a walk around one of the parks and join an outdoor yoga class.

Take in the gorgeous coastal sceneries and explore the dynamic ecosystem of Jubail’s native mangroves in one of our kayaks.

Get your blood pumping with a Kite surfing lesson, or test your balance with a SUP session.

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All this and more will be available at the Jubail Mangrove Retreat offering visitors and residents alike a host of activities and glamping packages that awaken the sense and calm the mind.

Jubail Mangrove Retreat