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How Can Home Space Affect Your Quality Of Life?

October 26, 2020

La dolce vita….The sweet life we all yearn for... Whilst it’s hard to have it as perfect as in The Truman Show, there’s a lot you can do to crank up your “quality of life” standards. Interestingly, a spacious and smartly designed home takes a leading role in that respect and can positively impact your life, and the one of your family. Let’s explore 6 reasons why having a larger space is the best decision you can ever make when choosing a house.

It can take your social life to the next level

How many times have you thought about throwing a big dinner then shrunk the list to a few friends due to lack of space? A home with spacious rooms gives you the versatility you need to host any party or gathering without having to worry about seating availability or space required for the buffet. Whether you choose a traditional villa or an Andalusian one in Jubail Island, you will have access to large living rooms, saloons and backyards, where you can hold any event that comes your way, such as a birthday party for your kids or a friday lunch with the extended family.

Your kids will have a place to play and to finish their homework

The prospect of staying home with kids for the whole weekend, let alone during a lockdown, can be a daunting experience for the parents. The right home should take care of your worries by having a large space for your kids to burn off their energy.

In Jubail Island, your kids will have a room to study or play, a garden to set up a makeshift castle and a pool to jump in on warmer days. But fun can also be something you take part in as well. Join them in putting a puzzle together or let them be your sous-chef while you bake a chocolate cake!

Your productivity will shoot wayyyyyy up!

Your partner is on a loudspeaker video call, your daughter is blasting ear shattering pop music on her portable speaker, and your son is playing online games on his phone with his friends, while shouting of course. Meanwhile the email you are trying to pen is still gathering dust. We get it, working in a small house can be a real nightmare. But you don’t have to worry about that when you’re in your spacious villa in Ain Al Maha in Jubail Island as you will definitely find a comfy quiet corner to finish that to-do list. Whether you set up your office in your large living room, on the terrace or in your own bedroom, take that Zoom call with confidence, with no distractions and no unwanted guests popping up in the background.

Everyone will have the opportunity to do their own plans

The beauty of a roomy house is that it gives everyone the freedom to do whatever they want without getting into the usual argument “It’s my it’s mine…”. You may be watching the news in one room while your son is studying in another, your daughters crafting a TikTok video upstairs and your wife reading a novel in your green backyard. With options that go up to 6 bedrooms in your villa, Jubail Island project gives all family members the space required to do whatever they want!

A house can have serious benefits to your wellbeing when it’s close to nature

City dwellers know how hard life can get without the double glazed glass on their windows. Annoying noises, air pollution and obstructed views are some of the inconveniences they face on a daily basis. Looking for a better quality of life? You may want to pick a home around nature, where a stress-free healthy lifestyle awaits you.

Jubail Island can fill the gap here. The villas have been designed to integrate nature to the fullest, creating a calm fluid living space full of natural light and crisp clean air. Sip your cup of coffee, meet an old friend, or do your yoga session in a home that embraces nature and gives to inspiring landscapes of mangrove forests and turquoise lagoons.

Remember that your home privacy is also key to a better quality of life

Imagine yourself enjoying a quiet dinner with your kids while your upstairs’ neighbour is watching football and cheering at the top of his lungs. Not so pleasant right? At Jubail Island, your perfect home space sits nicely in the heart of a vibrant community yet it’s independent and adheres to the privacy standards you expect to find in a high end development.

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